Tiger Williams Jersey  Workshops 2016 | Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex

Workshops 2016


The Beauty of Subtlety – Jacqueline Hellyer

Simple Bliss- A Journey Through Breath – Deej and Uma

A Taste of One Taste (Orgasmic Mediation) – Rosa Ilinka McGill

Erotic Yoga – Deej and Uma

Relating and Consent

Negotiating Sex Within Love – Jacqueline Hellyer

Infidelity – Peter Banki, Ph.D.

Making a Non-Traditional Relationship Work – Simon Copland (with James and Martyn)

The 3 Circles Ritual (4 hour workshop) – Deej and Uma with Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

Movement and Play

Tango with a Twist – Annetta Luce & Paul Warren

Ecstatic Dance (festival warm-up 20/01) – Annetta Luce

Erotic Massage Dancing – Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

Please Daddy – Lukas Zpira

Porn Yoga for Porn Lovers – Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

Sexy Kinky Fat – Mista and Irie

Tying for Erotic Intensity – Satomi Zpira

Stripping For Your Lover – Annetta Luce


Pain and Pleasure – Peter Banki, Ph.D

Tantric De-Armouring – Emma Michelle Dixon, Ph.D.

Queer Erotic Embodiment – Dragan Zan Wright

Orgasmic Breathing and Moaning – Joseph Kramer, Ph.D

Rainbow Rub Penis Pleasuring – Joseph Kramer, Ph.D

Fun with Cock – Martha Lee, Ph.D

Creativity and Imagination

Being the BeastPeter Banki, Ph.D.

Making Babies – Lia Smith and Damian Bohler

Genital Show and Tell – Deej and Uma

Multi-Dimensional Erotic Photography – Lukas Zpira

Bødy Hackivism – Lukas Zpira

Clitoromania: A Detailed and Ludic History of the Clitoris – Inbal Yalon

Erotica – Emma Michelle Dixon, Ph.D

Embracing the Shamanic (4 hour workshop/ceremony) – Annetta Luce with Lia Smith & Sebastian Job

Sex and Philosophy – Professor Jean-Luc Nancy


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